Stable Warming – Wednesday 29th July 2015

A Great night was had by all at our yard party.

I’m so lucky to have such an amazing team of owners, sponsors, friends and family who have supported me through all the highs and the lows.

“What a lovely lovely evening you gave us last night. We could not have enjoyed it more. Delicious Pol Roger champagne – what a great sponsor – and lovely little eats and lots and lots of delightful people there to talk to and all full of praise for “Team Collett”.

We did admire you Laura for making a speech, really brave of you and really kind of you…..many many thanks for your generosity in giving us such a wonderful evening.”

“Just wanted to say what a fab party at Laura’s yard. So well organised and great fun with a good group of lovely people!”

We just wanted to say thank you for such a lovely evening on Wednesday – it was great to meet some of the owners and yard staff – but of course we were most impressed with the horses!”

“It was such fun and we both really enjoyed it so a million thanks”

“Just quick thank you for excellent party last night. Great to see all your team and put a face to some of your owners names. You have a fantastic team all there to help you and support you. That is what friends are for. Good luck at Blair.”

“Many many thanks to you, Claire and everybody at the yard for a great party last night.”

Massive Thank you to Claire King for organising the evening! It was nice to catch up and say Thank You with some fabulous Pol Roger Champagne ‪#Iama‎veryluckygirl

  • Just some of my amazing team of owners, sponsors, friends & family

  • Lots of chatting

  • Lots of chatting

  • Grand Manoeuvre "Milo" with his lovely owner Diana Chappell and the legend that is John Francome

  • Zanie King, Karen Bartlett, Lorna George & Margie Gibb

  • Charlotte Goodby, Kim Forster, Louise Eadie, Minna Eadie & Nancy Eadie

  • Ben Heslin, Controe & Phillippa Ariss

  • Tracey "Mum", Pamero 4 "Pee" & Laura

  • A moment with Grand Manoeuvre "Milo"

  • A moment with Pamero 4 "Pee"

  • Abigail Unwin & Phil Lowe of Zebra Products Ltd

  • Phil Lowe, SelleriaEquipe goody bags provided by Simon Middleton, MD of Zebra Products

  • Speech time

  • Standing on the amazing mounting block that Jimmy Little made me out of Rayef, and many of my horses shoes.

  • Can't rely on British weather to Marquee just in case!

  • John Francome making Paul Newman's year by meeting him!

  • Margie Gibb, Controe & Phillippa Ariss

  • Safe to say everyone enjoyed the Champagne that was so kindly supplied by Pol_Roger #fizzyrascals

  • Massive Thank You to Claire King for organising the evening

  • Lots of chatting

  • Laura, Lyn & Nick How and Harry Cruickshank

  • Oratotio II "Rio" with a couple of his "Oratorio Syndicate" owners, Jink & Richard Morris-Adams & John Francome

  • James Luck, Felicity Hook, Maggie Sargent & Chris King

  • Thank you all so much for coming

  • Alice Dorman, Leigh Miller, John Sargent & Ellie Lovell

  • Laura and Shroom sporting Selleria Equipe hats.

  • Chris King, Zoe Davies & Vince Tate