coolex rug

Coolex is our choosen brand for all of our competition / travelling rugs, they are very smart & ensure optimum temperatures are consistently maintained so perfect after strenuous exercise to cool the horse and help them back to their normal body temperature or travelling or for a lightweight warm layer during warmer nights in summer, a cooler (maybe even two!) is useful in so many everyday yard situations.

The Coolex rugs offer a unique advanced triple layer system. Unlike many cooler rugs on the market, Coolex rugs offer a combination of wind resistance, thermal insulation in conjunction with wicking properties. The inner layer in the triple layer design is designed to wick moisture away from the body of the horse quickly while maintaining a constant temperature to prevent chills, the fabric is so advanced it is even suited to the most sensitive skin. The middle layer is made with patented Therma-Dry filler which insulates while wicking away any moisture. The outer layer is made from a tightly knitted wool and polyacryl mix which ensures durability along with wind resistance meaning the Coolex rug is ideal for travel or in the stable., and we use them as a cosy stable rug.

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