BELTON Dacapo – WON Advanced 🥇 London 52 -2nd in CCI4*-S 🥈 Mr Bass – 4th in CCI4*-S 💕

I actually can’t explain how lucky I am to ride the 3 horses I have this weekend

🥰 Dacapo led from pillar to post to WIN the Advanced 🥇

London 52 was pure class cruising round in second gear to finish 2nd in CCI4*-S 🥈 and Mr Bass was under restraint XC to finish 4th in CCI4*-S 💕

Day 1 – Very proud of my boys so far at BEDE Belton ….

London 52 was a star yesterday scoring 28.8 in CCI4*-S 🌟

Mr Bass did some gorgeous trot work but made few mistakes in canter to score 29.9 in CCI4*-S 🌟

Dacapo was lovely to score 27.4 and holds over night lead in Advanced 🥰